Red City PR is a full service communication agency with a digital edge. We are committed to building strong brands, creating positive awareness for our clients. We are offering both long-term strategies and tactical execution of short-term campaigns.

Red City PR Morocco is both global and Moroccan, so that’s why we call ourselves “GLOMO”. With international experience and local know-how we get things done in Morocco. Our communication agency is based in Marrakech but we have offices in Stockholm, Sweden and in Rome, Italy as well.

Red City PR is a communications agency that has both global and local clients. We help to improve their brand awareness and digital presence in order to increase sales. Our aim is to develop cost-effective and creative solutions that give results.

Our communications agency offers services such as Social Media Strategy and Management, Website Design and Development, and SEO Management. We also offer Press Release Services, Press Trips and Influencer Co-Operations. In addition we offer Brand Building Strategy, Logo Design, Marketing Materials production, Advertising, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Professional Photography.

Red City PR Morocco is a full-service communications agency that provides both digital services and PR support. We develop cost-effective solutions to improve awareness and performance for our clients in Morocco, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Finland and Sweden.

Our team has worked for some of the most powerful brands in the world. In Morocco we have helped all kinds of clients over the years. Some are in the tourist industry like hotels, restaurants and tour operators. Some are fashion brands, technical companies and non-profit organizations. We have also worked with music festivals, energy companies, state-owned enterprises, art projects and cultural events. 

The clients of Red City PR are luxury hotels, fashion brands, beauty brands and property developers. We also have restaurants, music festivals, technical companies, travel companies and do-good organizations (NGOs) as clients. Please contact us so we can offer you our services as well.