Giving Back


Red City PR is a communications agency that gives back. Our team is passionate about making the world a better place through action. Accordingly, we support Project Soar Morocco, a registered non-profit organization that empowers adolescent girls in Morocco through art, sports and health education. The organization works to empower Moroccan girls and provides programs that help them recognize their strengths, intelligence, capability and worth. The ultimate goal is to keep them in school and prepare them for better futures.

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Project SOAR Morocco


The Flagship Program operates out of its headquarters in Douar Ladaam, a small village just half an hour outside of Marrakesh. The organization also provides programming to the surrounding villages of Douar Taaonia and Dour Ahmed Bel Haj. After three successful years, Project Soar is preparing to expand to satellite locations. The expansion program is called “Project-Soar-in-a-Box”, which will bring the curriculum, supplies and support to adolescent girls in need throughout Morocco.

The organization has worked with more than 250 Moroccan girls, providing over 1000 hours of after-school programming and support. In order to attend the girls must take the Project Soar Pledge, promising to stay in school. The mission is simple: to empower Moroccan adolescent girls to continue their education by providing after school support, as well as life skills and leadership coaching.

The senior management team is 100% volunteer based. Many others have lent support, from individuals to companies and from doctors to Peace Corps Volunteers. Together, we are building the Project Soar Nation. A country without borders and a state of mind. A place made up of caring individuals who want to make the world a better place for its girls. Join us!

Project Soar has launched two new satellite sites in 2016 and will be adding six additional satellite sites in the spring of 2017.