Red City PR offers full service, cost efficient and high quality production services for professional photoshoots and film productions in beautiful Morocco.

Morocco is an amazingly diverse country where you can find the ultimate location for your photoshoots, such as pristine oceans, white beaches, snowy mountains, windswept deserts, modern cities, ancient medinas, rural villages and dramatic canyons. Whether you are looking for a magical 1001 Arabian night feeling or just the perfect beach, mountain or street – we will set everything up for you!

Most photoshoot locations are easily accessible by car from the international airports after non-stop flights from New York or short flights from London, Paris or Stockholm. This combined with the incredible light in Morocco makes it a perfect place to shoot your production. Let us know what you need (or let us help you define your needs) and we will make it happen!

Red City PR is a full service production agency that is happy to offer everything you need for your photoshoot;

  • Art Buying
  • Global and Local Network
  • Photographers
  • Casting and Models
  • Hair and Make -up Artists
  • Props and Styling Services
  • Location Scouting
  • Location Catalogue
  • Legal Services and Permits
  • Production Management
  • Travel Management
  • Local Logistics
  • Custom Clearances

Just a few hours from Europe you find ancient medinas, snowy mountains, desert dunes, pristine oceans, sandy beaches, dramatic canyons, green fields, not to mention the most amazing palaces and riads. Or why not a completley blue, yellow, red or white city? Morocco is great for all kinds of photoshoots and filmshoots. Easy access, unique locations and cost efficient productions.

Please contact us to get more information on how we could help you!